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    Dear Mite et collegues,
    I have submitted a manuscript in which I am using EEG-BRAPH. Good news, it should be accepted but I have 2 questions of one of the reviewer:

    • Question 1: “Please provide the calculated effect size, raw p-values and corrected p-values for all the group comparisons.”
      What can I answer ?? Note that if I can I do not want to add all of these data….. !!
    • Question 2 ” Although the authors claimed that they used the FDR-correction to control the false-positive significant differences, there are no details provided in the Material and Methods. For example, how the authors performed the FDR-correction for the nodal level indexes? Did the authors considered the number of frequency band and the number of brain regions (ROIs) at the same time?”
      In the BRAPH help-forum, I found this “In BRAPH, to calculate the false discovery rate (corrected by using the Benjamini-Hochberg procedure, the p-values are ranked in ascending order and compared with their false corrected values. Once the largest p-value that is smaller than the corresponding false-rate-corrected value is identified, all the p-values smaller than this value are considered significant. These multiple comparisons are performed at a particular density for a given measure across all of the regions in the brain atlas.” Can I used it like that exactly ??

    Hope you will be able to help me,

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