BRAPH 2.0.0 beta 1 released!

BRAPH 2.0.0.b1 is available at Release BRAPH 2.0.0.b1 · braph-software/BRAPH-2 (github.com)
Release date: 2 October 2023

We’re excited to unveil a comprehensive rewrite of BRAPH 2’s core in this release.
Our primary objectives with this overhaul were:

  1. Enhanced Stability: By refactoring the core, we have significantly boosted the software’s reliability.
  2. New Functionalities: This release introduces several new features, including:
    • New Categories and Formats
    • Revamped GUI Management
    • Improved Compilation

Collectively, these updates deliver a more seamless and enriched user experience.

Braph 2 Team