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    Sai Prasanna

    I am doing the group comparison on Functional Comparision BUT pipeline and getting the following error:
    Error using ComparisonEnsemble/calculate_results (line 1220)
    Out of Memory during deserialization

    Error in ComparisonEnsemble/calculateValue (line 1121)
    [cp.diff, cp.p1, cp.p2, cp.ci_lower, cp.ci_upper] = calculate_results(cp);

    Error in Element/get (line 922)
    value = el.calculateValue(prop);

    Error in Element/memorize (line 968)
    value = el.get(prop); % retrieves or calculates the value

    Error in PPCompareEnsemble_CpDict/cb_comparison_calculate (line 1116)

    Error in PPCompareEnsemble_CpDict/draw/cb_comparison_calculate (line 897)
    Error using matlab.ui.internal.controller.WebMenuController/fireActionEvent (line 67)
    Error while evaluating Menu Callback.

    Could the memory issue be due to a lack of hardware resources on my computer? I am using a computer with 16gb RAM, 8 cores, Windows 11, Matlab version R2021a, and 8 workers running on a parallel pool.


    Dear Sai Prasanna,

    Could you please let us know which release are you using?
    We recommend using our latest one: http://braph.org/2022/11/15/braph-2-0-0-a2-released/

    Sometimes parallel computing has problems while using Graphical user interfaces. You could try de-activating it.
    Or you could deactivate in the GUI the Memorize Intermediate Results checkbox in the interface of comparison before calculating it, it is down after the measures list.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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