• paban started the topic degree in the forum General Help (Braph 1.0) 7 months ago

    Dear Mite,
    I have resolved the problem with the error message! It turned out to be related to my subject files. Now everything is working well, except that I don’t understand why the degree value is the same as my ROI number. I tried modifying the threshold, but nothing changed. Could you please explain this to me?
    The best,

  • Sorry Mite.
    I have just understand that I have trouble with my subject file. Let me first correct the problem.
    Very sorry 🙂

  • Dear Mite,
    I contacted you on November , 2017 ! So there is quite a long time !! But now, I would like to use BRAPH again, because it is a good software. Howevere, I do not understand why I am not able to use it again. I have got the following error. The same as Che got (as I read in the forum).
    Note that I am using the modify version of BRAPh…[Read more]