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    Hi BRAPH Developers,

    I am wondering if there is a way in BRAPH to (a) determine the min density at which 2 groups are fully connected, (b) set a group-specific threshold, and (c) perform the group comparisons starting from that particular density onwards?

    Thanks a lot!

    Best Wishes,

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    Mite Mijalkov

    Hi Elijah,

    Thanks for your interest in Braph, I hope it proves to be useful to you for your research.

    Currently in Braph there is no procedure to calculate automatically the minimum density for which the network is fully connected. However, this can be accomplished through visual inspection in the fMRI Graph Analysis interface.

    More precisely, the options you will need are on the right side of the Correlation Matrix panel, where you could change whether you would like to inspect a group average or individual matrix for each subject. It is possible to visualize weighted or binary matrices by specifying the density/threshold. However, once you have identified the density at which each group is fully connected, the threshold value corresponding to that density updates automatically below, so you will have the information about group specific threshold.

    Braph will not remember this choice for the group analysis and you will need to input the number in the corresponding interface. Shortly, the procedure is as follows: The group comparisons are performed once the analysis has been started and a new interface opens (fMRI Graph Analysis BUD/BUT or WU depending on the analysis type). You can compare the groups by clicking Compare Group Measures. Once the new interface opens, you can input the density range for which you would like the analysis to be done; the minimum density (for which the networks would be fully connected), the maximum density and the density step. For more detailed information, you could check: http://braph.org/manual/fmri/fmri-graph-analysis-bud/

    Hope this helps you with your analysis. If you have any more questions, you are welcomed to contact us further.


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