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    Dear BRAPH developer

    Thank you for the useful tool. I’m now studying graph theoretical analysis using Braph. I have several questions about interpretation of results.
    In BUD, is it correct that the results obtained from nodal measures are reflected in view vomparison on visualization? And what are the differences of the size of sphere? Are they reflect the statistical defferences?
    Furthermore, overall which is the significant difference lesions through BU density? Significant lesions appears in a certain densities, but not in another densities. Please teach me how to determine the significant lesions in BUD analysis


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    Mite Mijalkov


    Thank you for using Braph and I hope you find it useful and easy to use.

    You are right, in the BUD analysis you could see the significance of the nodal measures through the view comparison button on the brain view panel. The sizes of the spheres denote the absolute value of the difference in the measures between the two groups that were being compared. To see the significant regions, you would need to check fdr checkboxes (either 1- or 2- tailed) which would then plot only the significant regions. The fdr checkbox is necessary because in this way you could account for the multiple comparisons between the brain regions. More information about this process can be found at: .

    Yes, the significant differences can sometimes appear at different densities. To the best of my knowledge, there is not a certain standard as to which densities should be considered. However, one possible way is to denote a range of densities in which network have a small-world behavior. Then one density that you could choose is the middle density of this range.

    Hope this helps. If there is anything more I can do for you, please let me know.


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    Dear Mite

    Tahnk you for your advice!
    I’ll do my best. If I have another question or problem, I may ask you again.


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