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    Dear Mite,
    I have just known about BRAPH software and I am very happy to have find it on the web !! It seems to be a wonderful tool.
    However, as Amma querie, I am a little bit concerned about EEG connectivity matrix . Indeed, in the EEG field, connectivity matrix are not calculated from correlation (pearson or others types) while it is the case in fMRI data …. so as Amma I have already calculated connectivity matrices using phase locking values (PLV).
    You have given on this forum informations about how to proceede with but unfortunately I am not familiar with Matlab so I do not know how to do when you say:
    1. Modify the input to the GUIfMRICohort ……
    2. Modify the fMRIGraphAnalysis ….
    What do you mean by modify ?? What should I do ??
    Many thanks,
    Note that I have posted the same message by reply to Amma but because I am not sur that you will have access to it. I prefere to send it directly as a new topic !!!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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