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Yu-Wei Chang

Hi Sai,

The reference manual for braph2 is already included automatically in the software. If you want to know the properties (e.g., P for CompareEnsemble or P1, P2, DIFF for ComparisonEnsemble), you can simply type the following commands in the MATLAB command window:
help CompareEnsemble
help ComparisonEnsemble

These commands will show you the description of all the properties related to CompareEnsemble and ComparisonEnsemble as attached:

In the description, you will find the answers you wanted:
– P (parameter, scalar) is the permutation number.
– DIFF (result, cell) is the ensemble comparison value.
– P1 (result, cell) is the one-tailed p-value.
– P2 (result, cell) is the two-tailed p-value.
– CIL (result, cell) is the lower value of the 95%% confidence interval.
– CIU (result, cell) is the upper value of the 95%% confidence interval.

I also recommend checking our freely available tutorials online that explain how to perform graph and deep learning analysis using braph2. You can access them through this link:

Let me know if you have any further questions.