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Sai Prasanna

Do you guys have any reference manuals for the latest release of BRAPH2?
I was interested in knowing what the variables mean. For example, in the following lines,

strength_WU_diff = c_WU.getComparison(‘Strength’).get(‘DIFF’);
strength_WU_p1 = c_WU.getComparison(‘Strength’).get(‘P1’);
strength_WU_p2 = c_WU.getComparison(‘Strength’).get(‘P2’);
strength_WU_cil = c_WU.getComparison(‘Strength’).get(‘CIL’);
strength_WU_ciu = c_WU.getComparison(‘Strength’).get(‘CIU’);

What are P1, P2, Diff, …diff, ..p1, ..p2, ..cil, CIL, …ciu, CIU ?

And, in
c_WU = CompareEnsemble( …
‘P’, 10, …
‘A1’, a_WU1, …
‘A2’, a_WU2, …
‘WAITBAR’, true, …
‘VERBOSE’, true, …
‘MEMORIZE’, true …

Does p indicate the number of permutations of a random graph used in comparison?

I’d appreciate it if you could please help me with this.