BRAPH 2.0.0.a4 released

BRAPH 2.0.0.a4 is available at
Release date: 26 April 2023

This release includes additional standard multiplex and deep-learning pipelines:

  • connectivity ordered_multiplex
  • connectivity ordered_multiplex group_average
  • connectivity NN for graph BUD
  • functional NN for graph BUD
  • connectivity-functional multiplex NN for graph BUD

Additionally, this release also addresses minor bug fixes.

BRAPH 2.0.0.a3 released

BRAPH 2.0.0.a3 is available at
Release date: 30 November 2022

This release includes some standard deep-learning pipelines for classification and regression tasks:

  • connectivity NN
  • functional NN
  • structural NN
  • connectivity-functional multiplex NN
  • structural multiple NN

It also incorporates some standard single-layer and multi-layer pipelines such as:

  • connectivity with weighted directed graphs
  • connectivity multiplex
  • connectivity multiplex group_average

BRAPH 2.0.0.a2 released

BRAPH 2.0.0.a2 is available at
Release date: 15 November 2022

This release incorporates some standard multi-layer pipelines:

  • structural multiplex
  • functional multiplex
  • functional multiplex group_average
  • functional ordered_multiplex
  • functional ordered_multiplex group_average
  • connectivity-functional multiplex
  • connectivity-functional multiplex group_average