Connectivity-Functional Multiplex Data format


This is the tutorial for the formatting of your data to use the connectivity-functional pipelines in BRAPH 2. In order to use BRAPH 2 via Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) and not command line, prepare your data in XLS/XLSX.


  • Prepare the data

We use the individual importers from connectivity and functional pipelines in the connectivity-functional multiplex pipelines. This implies you need to prepare the connectivity data and functional data as described in the previous sections 2 and 3 (see the directories tree in figure 1).

Make sure that you include the same number of subjects per group and the same number of regions for the analysis of both modalities. It is only necessary to add information to the connectivity folder and not the functional folder if you want to include covariates; however, if you already have the information in the functional folder, there won’t be any issues.

Figure 1. Directories tree.