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Yu-Wei Chang


Thanks for the feedback.

May you provide further information:
what is the size of the adjacency matrix in your case? Additionally, I wanted to ask two things: (1) how long does it take to run the modified example file, example_FUN_WU.m, on your computer? and (2) have you installed the parallel computing toolbox?

For reference, on my computer with the parallel computing toolbox installed, each step in the modified example file example_FUN_WU.m took the following amount of time:
– Load BrainAtlas: 11 secs
– Load Groups of SubjectFUN: 36 secs
– Measures calculation (Strength, StrengthAv, and Distance): 460 secs
– Comparison (Strength and modularity): 272 secs
– Get individual correlation matrices and graph measures: 1 sec

Therefore, if the comparison is not of your interest, you may skip the comparison calculation and save some time, which are the following lines:

% comparison
c_WU = CompareEnsemble( ...
    'P', 10, ...
    'A1', a_WU1, ...
    'A2', a_WU2, ...
    'WAITBAR', true, ...
    'VERBOSE', false, ...
    'MEMORIZE', true ...

strength_WU_diff = c_WU.getComparison('Strength').get('DIFF');
strength_WU_p1 = c_WU.getComparison('Strength').get('P1');
strength_WU_p2 = c_WU.getComparison('Strength').get('P2');
strength_WU_cil = c_WU.getComparison('Strength').get('CIL');
strength_WU_ciu = c_WU.getComparison('Strength').get('CIU');

modularity_av_WU_diff = c_WU.getComparison('Modularity').get('DIFF');
modularity_av_WU_p1 = c_WU.getComparison('Modularity').get('P1');
modularity_av_WU_p2 = c_WU.getComparison('Modularity').get('P2');
modularity_av_WU_cil = c_WU.getComparison('Modularity').get('CIL');
modularity_av_WU_ciu = c_WU.getComparison('Modularity').get('CIU');
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